It's time for IT service providers to tap into the Internet of Things

Posted by Mike Vizard on Jul 28, 2015 9:34:00 AM

While the Internet of Things (IoT) might be an overly broad set of technology buzzwords these days, a new survey from Red Hat suggests the concept has definitely captured the imaginations of end customers. The challenge and opportunity now is for IT service providers to turn that enthusiasm into an actual practical set of applications that create meaningful value to businesses.

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Ask Intronis: What’s the benefit of selling cloud backup as a telecom service provider (TSP)?

Posted by Courtney Steinkrauss on Jul 27, 2015 11:34:00 AM

Q: I run a telecom services business that I believe needs a new go-to-market strategy. Right now, we provide a wide array of telecommunication services to SMB customers, including telephone, video conferencing, broadband, and WAN solutions. But I’ve seen growing competition in my market, and want to head off losing business to other providers. How can I differentiate my business? If we sell backup as a new service offering, what new revenue opportunities could this create for us?

It can be tough out there for a telecom service provider. Many in the industry are struggling to win new business. While the market for these services is getting pretty crowded, you have opportunities to help you stand out from the competition, and you’re right: selling cloud backup is one of these opportunities.

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7 easy ways for MSPs to improve their business

Posted by Courtney Steinkrauss on Jul 27, 2015 9:00:00 AM

Today’s managed services industry is becoming increasingly crowded with service providers competing for attention and dollars from small business prospects. Some IT service providers cite a lack of sales expertise as their primary obstacle to winning new business, while others struggle with business planning or finding the best way to package their services. MSPs need to change the way they’re looking at these problems and discover new ways to address them.

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Intronis is moving and shaking!

Posted by Courtney Steinkrauss on Jul 24, 2015 10:00:00 AM

The redesign of the Intronis ECHOplatform’s dashboard in our initiative to enhance our partner’s experience isn’t the only thing changing here at Intronis.  We’re also renovating our work space!

That’s right. The Intronis headquarters in Chelmsford, MA are officially under construction. We’re excited to announce that we’re expanding into  additional office space to accommodate our growth as an organization. The new and improved space will allow us to continue to grow and collaborate more fluidly.

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MSP marketing fundamentals for non-marketers

Posted by Lindsay Faria on Jul 23, 2015 2:45:00 PM

Looking at some of the preliminary data from our MSP Sales and Marketing Survey, I see a clear indicator that a majority of the service providers we talk to don’t have a full-time resource dedicated to marketing. While this isn’t a major surprise, it does remind me of the opportunity we have to better enable our Partners when it comes to some of the marketing fundamentals.

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Selling IT services in the modern information age

Posted by Mike Vizard on Jul 23, 2015 11:58:00 AM

new survey conducted by IDG on behalf of finds that 65 percent of B2B buyers only engage with a vendor sales representative after they’ve already made a purchase decision. That number is probably even higher when it comes to IT products and services, which suggests that the way most IT service providers are selling those products and services is fundamentally broken.

The core selling challenge today is that unless IT services firms actively create awareness of the problem their solution solves they are basically hoping that somehow a lead for their services will be generated after a purchase decision is made. Given the number of IT services firms there are in any geographical area that specialize in any particular technology, waiting for leads from a vendor is at best a reactive approach to selling. In fact, any business founded on the premise of hope is generally going to fail.

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Remix: How to build a better MSP sales team

Posted by Chef Adam LaRock on Jul 22, 2015 1:00:00 PM

I don’t know about you, but I do some of my best thinking in the kitchen. I was throwing together a pizza the other day, and it got me thinking about how important it is for an MSP sales team to have a good foundation that they can build on.

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Hot tips for effective cold calling during slow summer months

Posted by Carrie Simpson on Jul 22, 2015 7:00:00 AM

Cold calling is a numbers game. It gets a whole lot harder in the summer months for a few reasons — one of them is plain old prospect unavailability. You can’t control the fact that all of your prospects are golfing and going to the lake, but here are some things that you CAN control to keep your pipeline full of hot leads this summer.

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Takedown of Darkode is only the tip of the IT security iceberg

Posted by Mike Vizard on Jul 21, 2015 12:00:00 PM

For all the back slapping and high fiving that no doubt occurred this past week with the FBI's takedown of the online marketplace for hackers known as Darkode, the troubling news is that there are at least 800 more of these marketplaces out there, and that’s just the ones law enforcement officials know about.

Darkode: In the business of selling malware  

Darkode was clearly one of the larger of these online marketplaces. As part of Operation Shrouded Horizon, law enforcement officials around the globe have arrested more than 70 people, including a 27-year old alleged kingpin of malware living in Sweden.

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Recipe for Success: A better approach for protecting business availability

Posted by Achmad Chadran on Jul 21, 2015 6:30:00 AM

Business availability protection is different from other types of data protection. With business availability solutions, timing is crucial, and success is usually measured in minutes.

The ultimate goal is to minimize downtime for business-critical operations such as online transaction processing (OLTP) systems and financial clearing and settlement systems. Business availability solutions are image-based, because recovering these types of applications requires restoring not just file data, but server (or virtual machine) operating system (OS) and volume data.

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