2016 Year in Review—A look back on the best Intronis blogs

Posted by Lauren Beliveau on Dec 21, 2016 1:27:39 PM

rear-mirror-1119717_640.jpgAs the New Year approaches, we decided to take a look back at our top 10 most popular posts of 2016 to see what they reveal about MSPs and their top concerns — and it was evident that 2016 was the year of cybercrime.

With a tremendous increase in cyber-attacks, many managed service providers found themselves on the forefront of protecting customers’ data from various threats. Whether it was a new ransomware variant or a sophisticated phishing scheme, hackers found new ways to infiltrate systems—and many MSPs, like you, looked for new ways to help customers avoid data loss.

With that in mind, here are our top 10 posts from the Intronis blog in 2016. We believe they reinforce the importance of security and offer ways to help you build your business in 2017. Which post do you find most useful? Leave a comment below or share it on social media.  

  1. Ask Intronis: How do I recover a customer after a CryptoWall 4.0 attack?

Ask Intronis looks to Paul Hanley, a partner support engineer and our resident ransomware expert, for tips on how to recover a customer from a CryptoWall 4.0 attack.

  1. Locky malware creates potential IT security nightmare

Mike Vizard offers a deep dive on Locky ransomware after it made headlines this year by holding a California hospital’s data hostage for a $17,000 ransom.

  1. Ask Intronis: How to get customers to understand the value in IT investment

Selling IT services isn’t always easy. This Ask Intronis shares tips to help you win over those SMBs who are reluctant to invest in IT services.

  1. Samsam and Petya: The new wave of ransomware

Ransomware continues to thrive as Samsam and Petya take the world by storm. Discover Paul Hanley’s tips on how to shield your customers from these new strains.

  1. 5 Sales tips for brand-new MSPs

Carrie Simpson of Managed Sales Pros shares her expertise to help new MSPs strengthen their sales approach with successful sales prospecting.

  1. TeslaCrypt closes doors, offers master decryption key

This short-lived ransomware shocked IT pros everywhere by handing over it encryption keys, letting numerous victims recover encrypted data for free.

  1. Delta's data center trouble illustrates the problem with a single point of failure

Tech journalist Ron Miller covers the Delta debacle and how this IT nightmare affected over 700 flights worldwide. 

  1. Infographic: Don’t let ransomware be your customers’ worst nightmare

This ransomware infographic examines how ransomware has become an epidemic and why it’s essential to have a conversation with your customers now.

  1. Ask Intronis: What do my customers need to know about phishing?

This Ask Intronis post is your phishing guide and highlights everything you need to teach your customer to help them avoid an attack.

  1. Ask Intronis: What are the newest trends in ransomware?

Are you ready to fend off the newest ransomware variants? As new type of ransomware keep popping up, this Ask Intronis highlights what you should watch out for.

As the year of ransomware comes to a close, we encourage you to continually educate customers about growing threats. After all, education is the best prevention. And a big thank you to all of our blog subscribers! We can’t wait to show you what we have in store for 2017!  


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