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Automate Your Day: Avoid Plan Overages with Email Notices

Posted by Automate Your Day on May 2, 2012 11:09:00 AM

A while back, a partner requested that we add a feature that would automatically send an email alert to a client who surpassed 90 percent of their allotted storage. Interestingly enough, we used to have this feature several years ago. It was originally implemented because we don’t set a hard limit on a user’s available storage capacity *. Since we don’t ever shut off backups, we would at least provide a partner some way to identify when one of their customers was reaching a plan’s limit. With the introduction of centralized management, this automatic report was deprecated for a single page that provided the same information, and this page continues to exist in our current management portal:

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Automate Your Day – Make Your Own Online Backup Scripts

Posted by Automate Your Day on Nov 30, 2011 8:30:00 AM

My previous two posts dealt with tasks you could automate with the BackupCli and Management API. I think it is time to give you a chance to see what you can automate. To facilitate your script writing, I’ve put together a PowerGUI PowerPack with all sorts of goodies related to the Management API. Now many will say that they can do a lot of the tasks below using the Portal; well that may be correct, but with this you can see the xml commands we issue to make the magic happen!

Get it here:

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Automate Your Day: Export Online Backup Set Selections

Posted by Automate Your Day on Oct 11, 2011 8:45:00 AM

In my last post I explained how to automatically catch a deletion of a backup set. Continuing along those lines, what happens if someone alters the selection of a backup set? This can be just as harmful as deleting it, because it may no longer be backing up a critical folder. We have some customers backing up millions of files per backup set, so a slight dip in the total number of files may not be noticed by a tech user who monitors it daily. Additionally, many partners want to provide a report to their customers specifying what is being backed up. What’s needed is a way to query a Backup Agent to get a list of the items that each backup set is scanning during every backup.

Let’s start with a refresher by first getting a list of all the backup sets for a given Backup Agent:

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Automate Your Day - Alerts for Missing Online Backup Sets

Posted by Automate Your Day on Aug 30, 2011 9:35:00 AM

It’s great getting daily online backup success emails, but once you have over 100 backups running daily would you actually notice if one stopped getting sent? Chances are you wouldn’t, and that’s where the Backup Status Report helps out. But the one thing it misses is a deletion of a backup set. What happens if your client or a tech user accidentally deletes a backup set? Will you notice? With this script running daily, you will!

For the addition of managing backup sets from within the portal, we had to create a system that lets a user interact with a Backup Agent located anywhere in the world. Behind the scenes, the agent is connected to a set of relay servers in our datacenter at all times, and when the portal needs info or has to send a request, it issues it through the relay server. This is just like a real-time chat client, with the clients passing around xml instead of gossip and emoticons. As a really interesting proof of concept, we created a command line tool, the BackupCli, which also lets you interact with any agent in the wild using the same exact chat protocol. The BackupCli will be officially part of the product starting with the upcoming Fall Release. Until then the program is attached to this post.

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