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Mike Vizard has covered IT for more than 25 years, and has edited or contributed to a number of tech publications including InfoWorld, eWeek, CRN, Baseline, ComputerWorld, TMCNet, and Digital Review. He currently blogs for IT Business Edge and contributes to CIOinsight, The Channel Insider, Programmableweb and Slashdot. Mike blogs about emerging cloud technology for Intronis.
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Managing the pace of Windows 10 upgrades

Posted by Mike Vizard on Mar 31, 2015 2:30:00 PM

One of the major challenges with delivering any type of software as a service is the fact that not every customer wants to upgrade software being delivered via the cloud at the same time. While there are plenty of organizations using software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications that get updated once a quarter, it’s clear there are many other organizations that don’t embrace these applications because they feel they will lose control over the IT environment.

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IT organizations are looking to MSSPs for help

Posted by Mike Vizard on Mar 27, 2015 12:09:56 PM

A new study from Linkedin finds that while most organizations are moving to the cloud, security is clearly still a major concern. For IT service providers, those concerns should spell opportunity because partnering with MSPs that have security expertise has emerged as the top response to those perceived security concerns.

When 1,010 IT professionals were asked what they intended to do to make cloud computing more secure, 34 percent responded that they would partner with a managed security service provider. This was followed by deploying more security software at 33 percent and adding more IT staff at 31 percent.

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Leveraging cloud brokering still a challenge for IT service providers

Posted by Mike Vizard on Mar 24, 2015 12:00:00 PM

A generally accepted piece of wisdom about cloud computing is that when there’s a need to broker services across multiple clouds, a significant opportunity is created for IT service providers.

A new survey conducted by Technology Business Research finds that of the 318 IT professionals using cloud services who were surveyed only about 32 percent have actually adopted cloud brokerage services, though. The survey does find that another third are planning to adopt them, but what’s not clear is to what degree organizations are actually using these services. The reason for this is that while there is no shortage of cloud computing platforms, most of them are semi-autonomous.

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Need for greater agility will drive service providers to invest in LSO software

Posted by Mike Vizard on Mar 19, 2015 2:00:00 PM

As IT becomes more complex to manage, providers of IT services are starting to come to terms with the idea that a major upgrade to the platforms they use to deliver those services is all but inevitable. In fact, a new report from the market research firm Rayno Media finds that the market for service provider lifecycle service orchestration (LSO) software could be valued at $2.75 billion by 2019.

The simple truth of the matter is that most of the processes used to manage IT are still far too manual. While advancements have been made in terms of provisioning virtual machines and now containers such as Docker, it still takes weeks to provision network services. To address that issue, there is a major migration on the horizon to software defined networking (SDNs) and eventually to network function virtualization (NFV) software.

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Demand for enterprise networking will shift to services

Posted by Mike Vizard on Mar 17, 2015 9:55:46 AM

There’s good news for IT service providers – the enterprise networking market will grow at a compound rate of 5.9 percent through 2018. According to the market research firm Technology Business Research (TBR), that means the value of this category will reach $99 billion.

While this research bodes well for IT service providers, there will be a lot of turmoil along the way. The price of networking infrastructure will fall at an increase rate, while the services segment of the enterprise networking market will grow at a compound annual rate of 7.2 percent.

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Demand for managed security services grows as threats increase

Posted by Mike Vizard on Mar 12, 2015 3:54:00 PM

With information security becoming a challenge that is too big for most organizations to handle, there’s now more interest in relying on third-party experts to manage it. In fact, a new study from ABI Research forecasts that demand for managed security services will grow from $15.4 billion this year to $32.9 billion in 2020. Much of that demand is likely to be driven by the line of business executives who are coming to the realization that no matter how skilled their internal IT organization is, the task of securing information these days is beyond the means of a single IT department.

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Interest in IT automation rises to meet the challenge of scale

Posted by Mike Vizard on Mar 10, 2015 11:44:41 AM

Unlike large-scale web companies such as Facebook and Google, most IT organizations don’t have an excess of engineering talent to throw at IT challenges. Therefore it’s not surprising that a new survey conducted by EMC finds that many IT organizations are counting on advances in IT automation to help them manage IT at scale.

The survey of 10,451 IT business decision-makers also finds that 74 percent of the respondents said that increased reliance on automation is imperative to their business growth strategies.

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Community clouds are set to take off in a big way

Posted by Mike Vizard on Mar 5, 2015 3:18:01 PM

As cloud computing continues to mature many organizations are starting to figure out that the sum of their clouds might be more valuable than the individual pieces. This realization is fueling a growing interest in community clouds that are now forecasted to be a $2.4 billion market by 2018.

Community clouds usually form when a group of companies figure out that sharing a common set of IT infrastructure not only reduces their costs but also make it simpler for them to share data and insights with one another.

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Private clouds starting to overshadow public clouds

Posted by Mike Vizard on Mar 3, 2015 12:00:00 PM

The one thing that just about every IT professional  can agree on is that some form of cloud computing is now a standard enterprise platform. For the most part, though, it appears that the majority of that usage is decidedly private.

A new global survey of 1,000 senior IT executives at organizations with 500 or more employees conducted by Tata Communications, a global provider of IT services, finds that 28 percent of compute and data storage is in the cloud at the moment, and it is predicted to rise to 43 percent within five years and 58 percent in 10 years. But as IT organizations become more familiar with cloud computing, 57 percent report having migrated data back in-house from the cloud, primarily due to security and data protection concerns.

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Hybrid clouds driving Docker container adoption

Posted by Mike Vizard on Feb 26, 2015 5:30:00 PM

While hybrid cloud computing is the ultimate goal for many IT organizations, the road they take to get there may wind up being be much different than the one they initially started on.

new survey of 745 IT professionals commissioned by StackEngine, a provider of management software for Docker containers, finds that the top reason IT organizations are adopting Docker containers is to build a hybrid cloud. Roughly 45 percent of the respondents said they plan to build a hybrid cloud, and 20 percent report that they have already deployed Docker containers in a production application.

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