What’s coming in the Spring Release: Faster recoveries with QuickSpin

Posted by Matt Kowalski on Apr 23, 2013 11:05:00 AM

By Matt Kowalski, Senior Product Manager

The Spring Release ‘13 of the Intronis Cloud Backup and Recovery solution will be deployed at the end of May, and we’d like to give you an insider look at some of the new features designed to make our cloud backup solution even more comprehensive and convenient.

Four of the hottest new additions are:

QuickSpin: A disaster recovery tool that allows MSPs to restore customer data within minutes.

Branded Portal: MSPs can create a branded portal with a customizable URL using their own logo, colors, and specific information.

Partner Trial: Prospective partners get the chance to start branding their solution and setting up accounts as soon as their trial begins.

Portal Usability Updates: New features to make using our Partner Portal even easier and more convenient.

Canadian Data Center: Our partners in Canada will no longer need to send their data out of the country, as Intronis will operate a third data center in Canada.

Over the next few weeks, we will give an overview of each new feature and show how they will make the Intronis Cloud Backup and Recovery solution an even more valuable tool for our partners.

Editor’s Note: The Intronis Spring Release launched on June 13. See the What’s New page for more information or go to our VMware and QuickSpin page to learn more about those tools and features.


In this first piece, I’ll dive into QuickSpin, a dynamic new capability that I consider the second phase of our popular VMware support functionalityIntronis QuickSpin

We hear a lot from our partners about how much they appreciate the Intronis solution for its ease-of-use and for our award-winning customer support. But we know many of you are still using multiple solutions to manage aspects of your data backup and business continuity functions, and are experiencing mixed results.

With the latest version of our cloud backup and recovery solution, we aim to solve that. QuickSpin will make it even easier to consolidate all facets of your business continuity management under Intronis.

QuickSpin extends the functionality of our VMware backup support and solves two major pain points:

  1. Lost time and revenue related to slow data restores
  2. Sunken costs from using multiple solutions to handle data backup and recovery

QuickSpin allows partners to spin up a standby virtual machine (VM) locally for production or test recoveries, giving partners the chance to recover data within minutes. Compare that to restores that might otherwise take hours or even days, and it’s easy to see how QuickSpin will help you – and your customers – save time and money.

More downtime translates to more lost revenue, a frustration that managed services providers naturally want to avoid. With QuickSpin, you will be able to get your customers’ entire business restored and recovered faster than ever, a major value proposition when marketing cloud backup to potential prospects. Intronis QuickSpin

QuickSpin will make Intronis the full business continuity solution our partners need for offsite data backup and business continuity. The new tool will save time and effort, and avoid the sunken costs that come with using multiple tools for various backup needs. Consolidating solutions and eliminating redundant software will allow our partners to recognize even more savings over time.

We’re excited about QuickSpin and the other new features due out in this Spring Release, and we’re as committed as ever to delivering a high level of partner support and customer success coaching. Keep an eye out for more insider info on how we plan to make life even easier for our partners and help you maximize your investment in cloud backup.

Next week, our VP of UXD Design, Smitty Kirsten, will explain the new branding capabilities featured in our Spring Release ’13. Be sure to check out that post and keep an eye out for more content describing the features and benefits of our latest solution update.

We will also be providing partner training for the Spring Release, so watch for an announcement as we get closer to release.

Editor's Note: We've also announced two new webinars that will offer partners and prospects the chance to see the Spring Release '13 and its features in action. Register today for our partner-exclusive Spring Release '13 Preview and our QuickSpin preview webinar. 

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