Virtual BDR: what's the opportunity for MSPs?

Posted by Intronis Staff on Dec 3, 2013 12:22:00 PM

More businesses are planning to expand their virtualization infrastructure, and VMware continues to be the platform of choice for many. Channel firms face both an opportunity and a demand to offer VMware backup solutions to protect these systems. In our recent whitepaper "Backup and Recovery in a Virtual World," we offer insight into how MSPs can offer clients the virtualization backup they need.

Slow and steady                                  
Recent industry data from social business platform Spiceworks found that virtualization adoption rose from 65 percent to 72 percent since the second half of 2012. Furthermore, an additional 8 percent of respondents indicated that they plan to implement virtualization within the next six months. virtualization backup

Within SMBs, the use of this technology has grown increasingly widespread. The same survey revealed that a little more than half of SMBs with fewer than 20 employees use virtualization, whereas this figure jumps to 81 percent among SMBs with 250 to 999 employees. The most popular IT services SMBs are virtualizing include storage, printing, domain services, security and inventory, with the virtualization of end-user-facing workloads and business support applications also common among this segment.

Challenges still remain                                                         
While virtualization is proving its worth, businesses - especially SMBs - still face significant hurdles to protect the integrity of these systems and the critical data they store. However, the perceived complexity and expense of virtualization backup has persuaded many SMBs to eschew protecting their virtual assets. There are two primary issues contributing to this problem:

  1. Traditional backup solutions - those built for physical, hardware-centric environments - don't do well handling virtual environments, which are generally more dense and complex. 
  2. Backup tools made for virtual environments in the early days of the technology are incompatible with today's BCDR systems and media, requiring firms to spend more on administrative items and running parallel backup and recovery systems for physical and and virtual systems.

The role of MSPs: Solutions that provide physical and virtual protection                                         
As SMBs drive virtualization adoption, MSPs need to be prepared to offer them backup and recovery solutions that accommodate their infrastructure needs, desires and limitations. 

With this in mind, MSPs will need to review their solutions offerings to develop unified backup and replication, deduplication and recovery systems that enable easy-to-manage BCDR within hybrid cloud infrastructures. 

Download the whitepaper by clicking the image below to learn more about the opportunities available to solution providers that sell VMware backup.

Backup and Recovery in a Virtual World Intronis

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