Infographic: Profiling the managed services buyer types

Posted by Intronis Staff on Jan 22, 2014 11:10:00 AM

What's the best way for IT managed services providers to stand out from the pack in a croweded market? A strong sales and marketing approach is crucial, but it helps to know exactly who you're marketing to. TechTarget recently released an infographic that breaks down potential IT buyers and decision makers within a variety of organizations. 

Follow the leaders
According to the infographic published by TechTarget's marketing wing, Mktr2Mktr, multiple members of each organization have a say in the final IT purchasing decision. This is worth remembering, because as we've written on this blog, simply targeting one employee, decision-maker or level of staff is not the most effective sales approach. IT buyer

Here are some of the other revelations that arose in the research:

  • Senior IT staff: TechTarget found that Senior IT Managers are most often decision-makers who prefer online video content, trial software downloads and product literature when it comes time to research purchasing choices. These individuals also tend to need clear cost analysis, implementation methods and organizational benefits in their hands before making a final decision. 
  • IT managers: In terms of decision-influencers, the infographic illustrated the importance of accounting for IT managers and staff members. The former group is split 42 percent between decision-makers and 48 percent decision-influencers, while the latter leans more heavily toward the influencing side. Salespeople might want to be especially aggressive in their pursuit of IT managers, and can do so by giving details related to technical and functional specifications, business value and general insights. 
  • Non-IT C-Suite: TechTarget pointed out that Senior Managers who are not involved in IT will often have a say in technology-related purchasing decisions and should be accounted for in sales and marketing processes. 
  • Systems Integrators: These members of staff are mostly decision influencers rather than makers, but rely on social communities and technology publisher sites to get their information. Additionally, when selling to these individuals, salespeople will want to provide information related to comparative insights, business value and technical details. 

Ripe for growth
Forrester Research revealed in 2010 that roughly 84 percent of all businesses in North America and Europe will be using managed IT services by 2014. Gartner had similar predictions, forecasting that 90 percent of U.S. companies will be leveraging managed services for IT matters by this year. 

By taking a proactive approach to sales, marketing and brand management, managed service providers can get a larger piece of that pie. See the full TechTarget infographic below.

Tech Target Profiling the Technology Buying Team Infographic

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