6 tips for selling data backups

Posted by Lindsay Faria on Mar 3, 2015 9:50:00 AM

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Stock_SalesTipsHere at Intronis helping MSPs market and sell their data backup services is a high priority, and lately, we’ve put a lot of energy into developing programs and materials geared toward this. Recently, we partnered with IT marketing author Raj Khera to provide actionable advice on how to locate potential customers and win data backup business. More than 400 MSPs registered for the “How to Sell Your Data Backup Services,” and the feedback has been great. Here’s a quick list of highlights I took from the presentation.

Highlights from Raj’s talk on promoting your services

  1. Gasp! Over 50% of the attendees indicated that they do not have a marketing plan in place to capture more business. Lucky for those MSPs, Raj has advice on how to create a marketing plan. Check out this template for a 12-month marketing plan.
  2. Finding new prospects is actually the easy part. Raj gives tips on how to profile your clients to help find your next customers both online and offline.
  3. It’s important to use the language your clients understand rather than IT industry jargon. Think in terms that the customers will understand such as “power outage,” “employee theft,” “user error” and “snowstorm” for small companies, rather than terms that you think in every day, such as “remote data access” and “secure file transfer.”
  4. Leave your prospects with something of value. This means handing over more than a business card if you can. It’s easy for your prospects to get side-tracked after your visit, and they might not reach out on their own. Leave them with a white paper or educational resource to add value to them, or a service proposal that gives them a reason to respond.
  5. Stay up to date on current events, and check the weather report! These provide natural opportunities for you to showcase your expertise and protection when threats make their way into the headlines. For example, if a data breach happens, send out an article with a white paper that showcases your expertise on cyber security. If a major storm is on its way, send out an email with some tips for how your customers can best safeguard their data when it comes to natural disasters.
  6. Consider how events, newsletters, and incentives fit into your plans. It’s important to stay in front of your customers, without overwhelming them with too much communication. Raj gave us some great tips on coming up with a recommended pace.

Suggestions for pricing and packaging

We expanded our lesson in sales to Intronis Partners with another recent webinar geared toward making the most of different pricing and packaging models. A recording of this session, as well as other partner-exclusive webinars are available in our Partner Toolkit. Feel free to reach out to partnersuccess@intronis.com with questions.

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