Cloud begins to take hold in the C-suite

Posted by Ron Miller on Dec 11, 2014 8:30:00 AM

canstockphoto22900685A recent study by consulting firm Avanade found broad support for hybrid cloud solutions in the C-Suite. The distinction here is that executives outside of IT, who are increasingly controlling technology budgets and are making technology decisions are bullish on hybrid solutions.

The study found that of the 1000 c-level executives they surveyed, a full 75 percent agreed that implementing a hybrid cloud strategy should be one of their biggest areas of focus in 2015. That's certainly interesting as far as it goes, but given that most companies have vast investments in legacy hardware and software, it's not really surprising either.

Hybrid cloud is a strategy in which you have some public cloud services and some private. Companies are beginning to realize that it makes sense to move certain workloads to the cloud, while leaving some of their existing tools in place. But what's interesting, is we have finally started to reach a tipping point around the cloud and it is executives outside of IT leading the way.

That's because these executives are beginning to see the cloud as a competitive advantage. In fact, the survey found that 77 percent of respondents believed going with a hybrid cloud gave them a competitive advantage and 76 percent believed it will allow them to focus on core growth opportunities.That means that the advantages of the cloud are now trumping the perceived concerns about it, particularly security.

While respondents still cited security concerns, 60 percent responded that they think public cloud vendors are more secure than they thought they were three years ago. Apparently that's enough to push the trust factor aside even though that data point is a bit ambiguous. It's still saying something though because up until now, that has been a huge concern, whether it was warranted or not.

As we've written here before, a cloud vendor (the sponsor of this blog being one of them, of course) has a lot at stake when it comes to security and while all cloud vendors might not be created equal when it comes to security, each one certainly understands that if they aren't secure, they won't be in business very long.

Regardless, it seems as executives warm to the idea of a hybrid approach, they have been able to get past the security concerns of the past and focus on the advantages the cloud can bring them. And that's a huge leap, one that has been a long time coming.

The cloud seems to have gotten past the controversial stage and has reached a more mature place, just as I thought it would. It's just taken much longer to get to this point than I would have imagined. What's interesting about this study though is that it went outside IT and asked executives instead of IT pros. They seem more willing than IT to move the cloud, at least with the safety of a hybrid approach, but I imagine as tools develop that enable organizations to monitor activity across the public and private clouds, the hybrid approach will become even more attractive than this study suggests.

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