Intronis ECHOshare: Help your SMBs win the sync and share battle

Posted by Manny Veiga on Oct 22, 2014 8:00:00 AM

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Picture it: an employee wants to easily share company documents, so they sign up for any one of the big popular sync and share services without their boss’s knowledge.

Introins ECHOshare logoThis means the company’s data is now being stored in a location that is totally unfamiliar to either internal IT or an IT service provider and it’s not clear how well the data is being secured. Once that employee leaves the company, all that sensitive data could potentially go with them.

This is the scenario we can help MSPs avoid with Intronis ECHOshare, the new business-grade file sync and share solution for SMBs. And it’s a pain point you can easily address to take advantage of the growing enterprise sync and share market.

CRN Magazine spoke to this opportunity back in the spring. According to the report, file sync and share is becoming much more popular in the channel -- primarily because IT services providers recognize the demand for secure, centrally managed file sharing.

The real problem you need to address  for your customers is that they are losing control of their data. Any attempt to be defensive – by banning sync and share products or resisting BYOD in the workplace – is often met with backlash. That’s because employees will do whatever it takes to make their jobs easier, even if it means skirting company policy.

The channel, CRN explains, is uniquely positioned to help SMBs take an inclusive approach to file sharing and management – and profit from this new potential revenue stream. The report cited Osterman Research data that says the market for file sync and share will expand by a compound annual growth rate of 5.7 percent by 2017.

Intronis ECHOshare helps enable a more secure approach by giving you and your customers sync and share that has:

Central management

Intronis ECHOshare puts all of your clients’ data in one place. Now you can remove a major problem for your SMBs: The fear that one of their employees is storing sensitive data in an insecure cloud or application where it can’t be retrieved or protected.

Clear value to your SMB customers: As a valued IT service provider, you keep an eye on everything, and can add or remove users as needed. Now SMBs don’t have to worry about where their data lives or who has access to it.

Convenience and ease of use

Our platform also includes a number of collaborative tools that your clients won’t find elsewhere. Integrated mobile editing makes it easy for them to edit Office documents right from a smartphone or tablet. The interface is easy to learn, and the product works with all major mobile devices and PCs.

Clear value to your SMB customers: End users get everything they need to collaborate, plus tools they won’t get anywhere else. It’s easy to use and you know that they are now avoiding a major security risk.

Premium security

Intronis ECHOshare encrypts your clients’ data and protects it behind highly secure redundant data centers. Our software is also compliant with a wide range of regulations, including HIPAA, FINRA, and PCI DSS, making it the most secure sync and share for your money.

Clear value to your SMB customers: Your customers’ data is protected by the highest level of security and their employees are free to share files without the fear of data leaks or compliance risks.

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