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Posted by Courtney Steinkrauss on Feb 25, 2015 2:00:00 PM

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Innovative_Women_Cover“It is worth it. You can do it.” Simply put, becoming the next top female entrepreneur is achievable. This message comes through loud and clear in Innovative Women, the newly released e-book from business and marketing expert Justin Sachs. Because I'm a young professional in the early stages of my career, Sachs message really resonated with me. 

In the book, Sachs highlights top female entrepreneurs in the business world, detailing their journeys to success, and the participants offer valuable advice for young women working to solidify their place as the next pioneer for women in business.  

One of the successful women interviewed was our very own Jasmine Lombardi. She tells her story— from her early life as a young girl growing up in a village in Singapore to her current role as Vice President of Partner Success at Intronis—and shares some of the lessons she learned along the way. 

Necessity, motivation, and passion

Jasmine credits her success to her personal background “where she walked two miles down a dirt road to school every day, studied by candlelight, and went on to receive a Bachelor of Science in computer science from the National University of Singapore, as well as a Master of Science in information science from Boston University.”

jasmines_headshotIn her situation, necessity acted as her core motivator and ultimately as the catalyst to discovering her passion. Sachs writes, “It was her incessant passion for her field of study that drove her so high.” He goes on to explain that many of the women he spoke to for the book identified the importance of learning from your past and using it to exploit opportunities for your future. 

Jasmine believes just that, attributing her creativity, independence, and determination to her childhood experiences. 

Keys to success

Throughout the book, Jasmine acknowledges a number of values that guided her to where she is today: 

1.  Value education.

Jasmine notes that education is key to getting ahead in life. She talks about formal education and earning a degree but also stresses the need to challenge yourself to always be learning new things. 

2.  Identify what you do not know and learn about it.

She encourages young women to be constantly learning and working to improve themselves. If there is a subject you are unfamiliar with, make it an area of focus and a priority to understand. She explains that by continually challenging yourself, you will learn, grow, and succeed. 

3.  Understand the value of independence.

Another important virtue that Jasmine includes is to “understand the value in independence.” Understanding that only you can affect change in your own life is vital to building confidence and becoming a true entrepreneur. 

4.  Embrace your support system. 

The author concludes that the piece of advice that's most important is "embracing your support system.” When talking about this, Jasmine advises, “Recognize that your children and your family are your wealth just as much as any work or monetary success."

I will carry these key values with me in my career, continually challenging myself to learn more, educating myself on the topics I do not know, and thanking my friends and family for their support. From all of us aspiring young female entrepreneurs out there, we thank Jasmine for sharing her inspiring story and valuable advice for living productively and building a promising career. 

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Image courtesy of Justin Sachs.

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