Spring Release '14: Hyper-V backup that works the way MSPs want

Posted by Matt Kowalski on Apr 23, 2014 9:56:00 AM

Over the course of our past few releases, Intronis has made significant strides in supporting more of our partners' surface area so that you can use a single solution for more of your customers' backup and disaster recovery needs.matt_kowalski

A big part of this is our image backup functionality, which is the perfect complement to our best-in-class file and application backup solution, giving partners great flexibility in delivering the perfect data protection offering for each of their customers' needs.

In addition to our existing VMware backup and availability solution and the Image-based backup for physical machines also introduced in the Spring Release, I’m especially excited to release our new Hyper-V backup solution. Hyper-V support was one of our top priorities to deliver to our partners in this release for a number of reasons.

First, the addition of Hyper-V helps round out our support of virtualized environments to capture the two market leaders in the space.

Second, the Hyper-V platform has seen increasing popularity and is gaining more market share over VMware in many segments year over year. Hyper-V's relative low cost and ease of use have also seen its adoption skyrocket in the SMB space to which so many of our partners provide support.

And finally, we saw a real need in the market for a backup solution purpose-built to protect Hyper-V VMs, rather than one built for physical servers and adapted for use in virtualized environments.

Most of all, it was important for us to deliver a Hyper-V solution to our partners that provided them significant value. Our Hyper-V solution is purpose-built to provide data protection for virtualized environments, which means it:

  • Follows Microsoft's best practices for VM backups – VMs are backed up without being interrupted, and always backed up in an application-consistent state.
  • Does not require an agent installed in each VM. Our software can back up multiple VMs on a host through a single agent, helping you maintain the management benefits of going virtual in the first place.
  • Backs up data to Intronis' secure cloud, to your local storage, or both, giving your customers multiple levels of protection.
  • Provides flexible recovery options with the restored data, allowing direct import back into Hyper-V, or mounting of restore files in order to explore and extract individual files.

We believe it's important that a backup solution used to back up virtual machines takes advantage of the cost, resource, and management benefits that virtualization offers. We're excited to offer a solution that does just that – but it wasn't enough to build it and call it a day.

That's why we tested this solution with real partners to make sure our Hyper-V backup met their needs and, more importantly, would help protect their customers' important VMs (and help make them money!)

Our partners who beta tested the solution praised not only the its ability to protect VMs with no negative impact to their customers' environments, but also the ease of restore and the attractive price point that would help make the Intronis data protection platform an even more lucrative piece of their Managed Services portfolio.

If you're one of the growing number of partners supporting Hyper-V environments for your customers, Intronis' Hyper-V backup can be your answer to best-practice protection, easy management, and higher margins.

To learn more about the Intronis Spring Release '14, click the button below to check out our product page.

Matt Kowalski is Senior Manager of Product Management at Intronis.

The Intronis Spring Release '14 Product page


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