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Posted by Manny Veiga on Aug 25, 2014 10:58:00 AM

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August was a busy month for the Intronis team, as we hit the road to talk with partners about the new Intronis ECHOplatform and our fixed-rate unlimited pricing at events in Nashville, Phoenix, and Chicago. Our travels also brought the team through San Antonio for XChange 2014, where co-founder Neal Bradbury had the chance to connect with CRN TV's Meghan Ottolini for an interview about our new partner offeringsCRNTV

Meghan and Neal covered the full gamut of Intronis' big announcements this summer - including the value of adding Bare Metal Restore to the Intronis ECHOplatform, the reasons why our U2 Plan makes conversations with your customers easier, and the power of the sales enablement tools offered by Intronis Essentials.

On the Intronis ECHOplatform, Neal explained that the real benefit of our centralized data protection platform is that it gives partners the power of choice.

"Partners can pick and choose what pieces of technology that they need to implement for certain businesses based on requirements, verticals, size, etc. But it's one platform that they get to leverage," Neal explained.

"For the partner it's really about consolidation. To do what we're providing today they would need multiple vendors. They would need an imaging vendor, possibly an offsite cloud vendor. It's now possible with the [Intronis] ECHOplatform to have a local strategy, an offsite strategy, all within one platform and one product."

Click to learn more about  The Intronis ECHOplatform By offering the Intronis ECHOplatform for a flat monthly rate with unlimited storage via our new U2 Plan, MSPs enjoy the benefits of an expected cost, and are then able to pass this predictability on to their own customers, Neal said.

"Example - everyone has utility bills. In the summer, my utility bill goes up because of the air conditioning. I'm not happy because of it. It's a variable cost," he explained. "The Uplans from Intronis allow us to provide the ECHOplatform at a fixed cost to the reseller or partner. And they can provide that to their small businesses. So it's an expected cost. The customer is getting tons of value but for a flat rate each month instead of this variable cost of price per gig."

Partners can also expect margins from reselling the UPlan to fall anywhere between 75 percent to 200 percent, but it really depends on the individual partner's go-to-market strategy, Neal explained. We're recommending partners bundle the cost of data protection into a total managed services package to enjoy maximum margin benefits.

The 4-minute long interview also touches on new Bare Metal Restore from Intronis and explains how the new sales and marketing enablement tools offered through Intronis Essentials helps partners be more successful reselling our platform. Click this link to watch the video on the CRN website! 

And visit our "Intronis in the News" page to read more coverage from around the channel.


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