Webinar: Maximize uptime with image-based backup and bare metal restore

Posted by Lindsay Faria on Mar 31, 2015 12:00:00 PM

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In our exclusive Partner Success webinar series, we make regular presentations to our Partners to help give them the info they need to both promote their cloud backup and data protection solutions and to ensure they are familiar with the features and functionality available to them.

Image_icons_arrows_up_and_down-01With the rollout of the Intronis Winter Release ‘15, the quick restore capability of our Rapid Recovery for Physical Images helps MSPs keep their clients up and running even more effectively than before. Maximizing uptime seems to be a particularly hot topic among Partners these days! In fact, we had a long registration list for a recent Partner-only webinar where Product Manager John Farrell discussed how these enhancements work and how they can bring new value to your clients.

A few of the key items on the agenda included showing Partners how to:

  • Protect systems against user error and hardware failure with image-based backups
  • Leverage Rapid Recovery to restore VMs from a failed host in minutes
  • Perform object-level restores from image backups
  • Recover to similar or dissimilar hardware with bare metal restore

Functionality overview

John began by giving us a refresher of the overall capabilities for physical imaging within the Intronis ECHOplatform. The key areas we focused on included:

  • Image-based backups: Allows users to protect entire systems as volume-level images. These can be backed up to a variety of local platforms such as DAS/NAS or SANs.
  • Rapid Recovery: With this new functionality, users can recover a failed physical system as a Hyper-V virtual machine in just minutes!
  • Object Level Restore: A new enhancement enables you to use the Intronis web portal to recover files and folders, without worrying about mounting or spinning up to an OS or VM. This can be done without interruption to the end-user’s productivity, minimizing any downtime on their end. Files can be recovered to their original location or to an alternate location with ease.
  • Bare Metal Restore: BMR enables you to restore an entire failed system to similar or dissimilar hardware using a WinPE-based system. Based on user feedback, we’ve also made BMR even easier and faster to use by eliminating the need for you to manually create volumes on your target system.
  • Restore VHD/X files: One other option is the ability to restore bootable VHD or VHD/X files. This is especially useful if you want to keep a point-in-time snapshot of your systems for archival or compliance purposes, or even as a lightweight disaster recovery solution. Exported VHD/X files can be used to create bootable Hyper-V VMs and can be mounted to Windows OS to browse their folder structures.

Use cases covered

John selected some common use cases and demonstrated how Intronis’ imaging solutions can be used to tackle them.

  1. Recover from Ransomware
    • Problem: Your customer has been infected with ransomware. Unsurprisingly, your customer does not want to pay the ransom.
    • Solution: Use Object-Level Restore to recover the files to their original location before they were encrypted.
  1. Recover from hard disk failure
    • Problem: Your customer’s Exchange server is down. The disk that housed the information store has stopped spinning.
    • Solution: Replace the broken disk. Use Bare Metal Restore to recover the volumes lost due to disk failure.
  1. Quickly recover from full system failure
    • Problem: Your most important client just informed you their database server has crashed. They need it back now.
    • Solution: Use Rapid Recovery to recover the failed system.
  1. Keep a snapshot of a system off-site for compliance
    • Problem: Your customer wants to keep periodic snapshots of their system in a bank vault for compliance purposes or as part of a comprehensive DR solution,
    • Solution: Use Restore VHD/X files. Export a mountable/bootable copy of the system as of a specific point in time. Drive to the bank.

A recording of the webinar has been made available to Partners via the Webinar Recordings section of the Partner Toolkit within Intronis Essentials. For non-Intronis Partners, feel free to check out a recording of our recent webinar which gives an introduction to the latest developments in the Intronis ECHOplatform here.

New datasheets available

You might also want to check out and re-purpose the new datasheets on Physical Imaging and Bare Metal Restore that we just published. And, great news—we have rebrandable versions of similar datasheets available to Intronis Partners to help them promote the recently expanded offering.

Log into the Partner Toolkit to check out the recording today!

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