Winter Storm Juno: What MSPs need to do to prepare

Posted by Anne Campbell on Jan 26, 2015 4:02:30 PM

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Whether you call it Winter Storm Juno or “Snowmageddon 2015,” the massive blizzard headed for the Northeast is all anyone is talking about, at least up here in the Boston area. The blizzard warnings stretch from New Jersey to Maine, and current predictions call for 2 to 3 feet of snow. Weather forecasters have even started throwing out words like “historic” and “life-threatening.”

Here at Intronis this morning, everyone was trading stories about how they’re bracing for the storm. Whether it’s turning on the generator, trying to fix that broken snow blower, or just braving the crowds at the grocery store to stock up on the inevitable bread and milk, everyone was doing something to get ready.

BlizzardAccording to The Weather Channel, roughly 28 million people will be affected by blizzard conditions, and millions more will see enough snow to affect travel.

Of course, when you’re talking about snow falling at more than 2 inches an hour and wind gusts of 55 mph or more, there are bound to be power outages, and in coastal areas flooding is a serious concern as well. And both of those things are bad news for SMBs.

So what does this mean for MSPs? It’s time to make sure your customers are prepared.

  • Check how recently backups have been done for each of your customers, and make sure there aren’t any issues with those backups that need to be addressed.
  • Perform incremental backups as needed to make sure customers have the most recent data possible in the event that they need to recover lost data.
  • To be on the safe side, move up backups scheduled to happen during the storm, if possible.
  • Check in with customers and see if they have any other immediate concerns.

Losing data access can cripple an SMB both operationally and financially in the days and weeks following a weather-related disaster. Preparing properly now will allow you to help customers regain access to their data faster and get back up and running more quickly. You are a key part of making sure your SMB customers can achieve business continuity – even when there’s three feet of snow on the ground.

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