Cloud 5: RedHat launches OpenStack product, GE's cloud play

Posted by Ron Miller on Aug 7, 2015 10:53:28 AM

Cloud 5Welcome to The Cloud 5, our weekly feature where we scour the web searching for the five most intriguing and poignant cloud links we can find.

Before we jump into this week's links, please have a look at one of our recent blog posts, Alibaba's Ready to Take on the Cloud Infrastructure Market. Alibaba is making a billion dollar bet on the cloud infrastructure market, but even with all its money, the company is going to have its work cut out for it competing against the likes of Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and IBM.

And without further delay, here we go with this week's links:

If you fear the cloud, you're behind the times | ZDNet

This probably goes without saying at this point, but when you look back at the evolution of the cloud, there was a lot of fear early on, mostly related to security. Today, companies see they need the agility it brings and are more focused on that aspect of it.

How To Look Inside A Cloud | Forbes

It makes sense that as the cloud matures, a set of tools is developing to give IT greater insight into the cloud assets it controls and the impact that has on the overall IT infrastructure.

GE launches cloud for the industrial Internet | PCWorld

This week GE announced it was adding infrastructure services to its Predix cloud giving it a more complete industrial internet cloud offering. This is signficant because GE is a manufacturer that is pivoting to the cloud as a way to manage the information coming from the equipment it produces.

Cloud-Computing Kingpins Slow to Adapt to Own Movement | WSJ

In a case of extreme irony, this article looks at how the big cloud vendors like AWS, Google, and Microsoft use cloud services and where they might reluctant to do so, even as they encourage customers to shift their workloads there.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform 7 arrives | ZDNet

RedHat has traditionally been an enterprise Linux company, but it sees a future in the cloud and it wants to be there when its customers make that move. The company released a version of OpenStack this week, hoping to make it easier to manage and deploy, something that has proven difficult to do so far.

Photo Credit: Ron Miller. Used under CC 2.0 license.

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