How are there still companies that don't understand the cloud?

Posted by Ron Miller on Apr 2, 2015 4:04:00 PM

Cloud Shadow on Reflective BuildingI came across a survey today that had me shaking my head a bit. The company that sponsored it was trumpeting the fact that a majority of business owners are "aware" of cloud computing. I'm trying to figure out how you could be a business owner in 2015 and not be aware or understand the cloud?

The survey was sponsored by Newtek Business Services Corp, a company that claims to have 100,000 small businesses in its portfolio. Newtek ran survey of 1,200 of its clientele, and according to the press release the key finding was that 64 percent of respondents were "aware of cloud computing." That makes me wonder where the 36 percent who answered "no" to that question have been living for the past five years.

At some point a couple of years ago perhaps you could see some small business owners who do not understand the cloud or being "aware" of the cloud but still using services. What small business owner doesn't know what the cloud is at this point, though?

But it doesn't stop there. According Newtek's survey, only 43 percent said they were using cloud services. That means 57 percent report they aren't using cloud services, a number so astounding that even if it were flipped I would wonder what was wrong with the folks who answered "no."

You can understand why some larger companies with complex legacy systems are reluctant to move some loads to the cloud, but surveys taken this year of the large companies show that the vast majority are using cloud services.

It's beyond belief that there are small companies doing their own IT management and dealing with patches and upgrades in this day and age when there are cheap and abundant cloud services to handle just about every software requirement.

Is Your Data Center Really Safer?

When I read the press release further, I found this statement from the company's CEO Barry Sloane: "Small businesses having their computer hardware and software in a data center where it is safe, secure and can be managed 24/7 is an important component of business success in 2015."

Let me see, who is better prepared to keep a company's data secure: a small business that is overwhelmed with the day-to-day needs of running a business or perhaps an overworked IT department—or a cloud service whose business depends on being secure?

The fact is that while many people in businesses of all sizes believe they are more secure with their data on site, most businesses are simply not in a position to invest in security to the degree of cloud providers, whose very existence depends on their ability to keep data safe and secure.

If you think about the high-profile data breaches we have read about over the past couple of years, in every case they involved a privately controlled data center, not a cloud provider.

I'm guessing this is a skewed survey or they are dealing with people who don't understand the terms being used. It's 2015; do you understand the cloud? You had better.

Photo Credit: Kevin Krejci on Flickr. Used under CC by 2.0 license.


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