Introducing the Intronis MSP Marketing Booster Pack

Posted by Lindsay Faria on Aug 25, 2015 3:02:00 PM

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Intronis UniversityOne of our key areas of focus in working with IT service providers is helping them to be more successful. Whether it means teaching them how to better optimize their use of the Intronis ECHOplatform, or to more effectively promote and sell their backup and data protection service, we’re always looking for ways we can better enable our Partners. As part of this initiative, we’ve added a training and enablement resource with the creation of our MSP Marketing Booster Kit, a new section accessible within the Business Track in Intronis University.

The origins of the booster pack

You may remember that within Intronis University, our free on-demand training hub, we offer two separate but complementary training tracks. The first is geared towards providing a strong technical foundation for servicing your customers with your cloud backup solution, and the second is geared towards helping you grow your business through sales and marketing.

One component of our training program that seems to appeal to Partners is our offering of certification programs. In fact, we have over 200 Intronis Certified Partner Technicians and the number rises every week. 

We also have a sales and marketing certification on the horizon. We know that from a survey we conducted of IT service providers, 65 percent said they had either a partial resource or no dedicated resource for their marketing. For this reason, we are working on a curriculum that will help IT service providers quickly and easily execute marketing campaigns.  

However, if you’re an Intronis Partner and you’re eager to get started, you don’t have to wait! We've made a number of educational resources available that, when combined, offer a valuable “101” type training experience when it comes to the foundations of marketing as an MSP. We call this the Marketing Booster Pack, and we think it’s pretty cool.

Five things to know about the Marketing Booster Pack:

  1. Who it’s for. The material is designed to help Partners looking to establish a foundation for a marketing program as well as Marketers looking to jumpstart or expand the scope of their existing marketing efforts
  2. What’s in it for you. The contents of the Booster Pack will help you take advantage of key marketing concepts and tactics that will benefit your overall business growth. Additionally, we’ve created a unique and interactive way to make it fun for you.
  3. How it works. We have broken down assignments by different types of marketing activities, each focusing on a different stage of the marketing funnel. For example, there are areas for topics such as SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Pay-per-click, Social Media, Events, and more. By completing assignments in a variety of formats—from reading and watching videos to completing written assignments through an interactive platform— not only will you expand your knowledge, you will also earn points that can be redeemed for cool rewards, be awarded badges and stickers, and compete with other Partners on a leaderboard.
  4. The resources are not just Intronis-centric. For the Booster Pack, we looked at how we could add value for our Partners beyond teaching them more about marketing their cloud backup and data protection solution. These resources are general enough to be applied to your business as a whole, and they complement the existing Selling, Pricing, and Partner Resources/Positioning Modules that are currently posted in the Business Track. When combined, these provide powerful tools to position you and your team for success
  5. It’s just one, small piece of the puzzle. As mentioned earlier in the post, we will be formalizing a sales and marketing certification program. In the mean time, there are a number of other ways you can start benefitting from the tools available today. These tools also include the several webinars each month that can provide enormous value for MSPs looking for marketing tips. In addition, our Ask Intronis posts often field questions on these topics as well. Or, you may want to check out some of our enablement e-books. And the good news is we’re always looking to do more and to do it better. 

What do you think, will you be checking out the Marketing Booster Pack within Intronis University?

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