Kicking off a new partner experience initiative at Intronis

Posted by Chris Crellin on Jun 23, 2015 8:00:00 AM

Here at Intronis, we are excited to announce a major push to drive new levels of clarity and effectiveness into your Intronis ECHOplatform operations. We’ve taken note of the features and capabilities that you, our partners, find most useful in our current, single-console, multi-service, multi-client portal, as well as those you’d like to see in future releases. Your ideas inspire and fuel this initiative, and our first two enhancements are starting to roll out now.

Dashboard functionality

The first of these enhancements is a radical redesign of our Intronis ECHOplatform dashboard. The dashboard’s crisp, new layout and quick responsiveness owes to a reworking of the portal’s data gathering and number-crunching algorithms.

Our engineering teams invested more than 800 hours in this effort so we could present the most important, actionable backup and recovery data by default, and reveal more detailed stats as needed through an intuitive point-and-click interface. 

Our beta test partners applauded the way the new design simplifies management and administration, giving them more time to innovate and grow. We sincerely thank these partners for their time and ideas.


As you can see above, the new Intronis ECHOplatform dashboard offers a quick snapshot of backup failure and completion rates, a tally of backups in progress, and any warnings issued during a designated time period. The dashboard tells you at a glance which backups require urgent attention, which should be monitored, and which are consistently successful.

New filtering options, which you can configure and save for future reference, make it easy to see just what you’re looking for every time you return to the portal. You can use the portal's point-and-click interface to pinpoint issues and resolve them swiftly. 

New reporting capabilities

The second enhancement you’ll see is the Intronis ECHOplatform’s new, automated Executive Summary reporting capability. Once it's live, partners can navigate to the “Reports” tab in the new dashboard to generate weekly or monthly Executive Summary Reports.

Like the dashboard, these reports are highly customizable and provide a backup status summary diagram that lists percentages of backups completed and failed, as well as any warnings in the reporting period specified. 


Beyond the summary, partners will be able to include information on activities such as the number of backups, restores, and backup agents deployed. In addition, partners will find the exact amount of restored data, number of restored items, and capacity of online storage in use. 

The primary goal of this new reporting capability is to help you demonstrate the value of your services to your customers and prospects. We think this will help you win new business and make your services “stickier” to your existing customer base.

Gaeltek QuoteTo facilitate sharing summary-level backup and recovery information with your customers, our developers made it easy to export these reports into emails or render them as PDF or CSV files. With just a few clicks, you can send these reports, customized to each individual account, to your customers directly from within the Intronis ECHOplatform. 

As you start to share Executive Summary reports on a regular basis, your customers will appreciate the clear readout on their data backups and grow to appreciate the full value of the service you provide. This in turn should help reduce the number of service calls and support tickets you receive. You can use this time instead to broaden your customer base or focus on more strategic or higher-margin work. 

Making life easier for MSPs

Both of these features will be included in our Summer Release ’15, which is rolling out in phases over the coming weeks. With the Intronis Summer Release ’15, we aim to give you a better idea of what’s working and what needs attention, and ultimately improve your efficiency as an IT service provider.

Simplifying the lives of our partners is our goal, and we think the Summer Release ‘15 is a major step forward. We welcome your feedback as we continue to enhance and upgrade the Intronis ECHOplatform as part of this enhanced partner experience initiative. 

Stay tuned for more details on the Summer Release ’15 in the coming weeks.

If you’re an Intronis partner and you have questions regarding when you can expect to see the new dashboard, reach out to your partner success manager or

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