Tech Time Warp: Remembering Steve Jobs and his legacy

Posted by Lauren Beliveau on Oct 7, 2016 12:38:00 PM

6217529904_96ed4dfe16_z.jpgThe battle between Microsoft and Apple has gone on for years. Many people have a clear preference between the two and proudly state they only buy Apple or Microsoft products. Undeniably, both companies have paved the road for technology and challenged the way we think. Whether it was a new design or a completely new concept, the battle between these two companies really boils down to the brains behind it all — Bill Gates and Steve Jobs.

This Wednesday, Oct. 5 marked five years since Steve Jobs passed away, but what he really left behind is a technology empire and a new era of thought.

 An era of innovation

In honor of Steve Jobs, this Tech Time Warp is going to look back at some retro Apple products and how they have changed the market.  

Mac.jpgApple I, Apple II, and Macintosh changed the computer market and brought Apple to the forefront. Released in 1976, the Apple I was a personal computer with no keyboard, monitor, or mouse, and Apple soon improved on it. The Apple II launched in 1977, and it had a keyboard, monitor, and operating system.

A few years later, the Macintosh was born in 1984. Even though the original model failed, it paved the way to future success for Apple. Features included new GUI, a mouse, and a keyboard substitute (even though there was one included). It was equipped with 216KB of RAM, and with the OS platform running on 128KB. This didn’t leave much space for users—even with the use of floppy disks.

Imacg3.jpgThe debut of the iMac G3 is a milestone that many say marks Steve Jobs’ return to Apple and a new era of innovation at the company. In August 1998, the iMac G3 went on sale to the public. The innovative design was something consumers had never seen before, and it was a hit. The original color was a blueish-green, and the line eventually expanded to include additional colors.

On Oct. 23, 2001, Apple unveiled the iPod, putting thousands of songs into people’s pockets. No larger than a deck of cards and armed with 10 hours of battery time, the iPod elevated music to a new level by condensing all your favorite music into an easy-to-access playlist. The iPod GUI was introduced in 2003, adding an additional layer of ease to the iPod user experience.

Apple acquired FingerWorks in 2005, which led the birth to many innovative touchscreen products, including the release of the iPhone in 2007 and the iPad in 2010.

From innovation and design to functionality, technology has evolved significantly in the past 40 years, and arguably a lot of that to do with Steve Jobs. As the week of Oct. 5 comes to an end, we remember and thank Steve for all his hard work and innovation from his years at Apple.

Tim Cook, the new CEO of Apple, has put it this way: “I want his legacy to be with Apple forever ... not for Apple to be constrained by it, but we’re very much married to his vision of making the best products that enrich people’s lives. That doesn’t change."


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