Tech Time Warp: The worm that tried to “eat” your firewalls

Posted by Lauren Beliveau on Dec 9, 2016 12:34:00 PM

ffrg_yeaoue-markus-spiske.jpgEmail security has been on our radar for quite a while, but over time threats have become more sophisticated. Thankfully today, there are advanced security measures you can put in place to stop the majority of attacks from infecting your inbox. However, 15 years ago people weren’t as lucky, and on Dec. 4, 2001, inboxes were flooded by the Goner worm.

This nasty worm quickly spread from inbox to inbox and lured people into clicking on an attachment that promised them a personalized screen saver. If the users had updated anti-virus programs in place, they were unaffected. Otherwise, the worm not only replicated itself, it also tried to disable the firewall and anti-virus settings on the local machine.

The Goner worm ultimately caused roughly $80 million in damages worldwide. The culprits behind the attack were four Israeli teens who admitted about a week later that they created the worm.

Since then, cyberattacks have become more frequent and more sophisticated, and the IT community has responded with improved best practices and robust security solutions to fend off attacks. While the Goner worm may have seemed like an epidemic 15 years ago, it seems minor compared to some of the security threats we face today—and the serious damage they can inflict. 

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