Introducing Feature Friday Webinars: Advanced Threat Protection

Posted by Anne Campbell on Apr 20, 2017 9:44:00 AM

We know IT service providers are busy people. You're juggling a multitude of different responsibilities, but you still want to stay informed about new technologies and the best ways to protect your small business customers and their data. That's why we're introducing Feature Friday webinars. 

These quick 15-to-20-minute live interactive webinars will each focus in on a specific feature of one of our data protection or security solutions, giving you a closer look at a specific functionality and how it can help you and your customers.  

Advanced Threat Protection

For the first Feature Friday webinar, we will be highlighting Advanced Threat Protection and how it is used in the Barracuda NextGen Firewall - Intronis MSP Edition

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Reflections from CompTIA's Annual Member Meeting

Posted by Erin Shaw Crowley on Mar 27, 2017 11:32:00 AM

“We have the ability to do such good in the world in what we do — I love it!” said Tracy Pound, CompTIA Member of the Year. That quote got me thinking—what do I do that does such good to the world? I'm just the marketing manager at a technology company that helps MSPs, but then I realized that is exactly how I do good in the world.

As a channel vendor we can get caught up thinking about how we compare to our competitors, how we're going to close the next deal, what sets us apart. Yes, these things are important and help keep our company going (and help keep me employeed), but in the end it's really all about our customers and how we can help them. Our products keep our partners businesses alive and thriving in their communities, and adding new technologies and integrations can help build a career path for an IT professional. These are just a few of the things I thought about while attending my first CompTIA Annual Member Meeting last week.

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Neal Bradbury, new vice chair of CompTIA’s IT Security Community

Posted by Lauren Beliveau on Mar 21, 2017 9:30:00 AM

The CompTIA IT Security Community offers educational resources to managed service providers to educate customers about and help protect them from today’s growing threats. This year, we’re proud to announce that Neal Bradbury, the senior director of business development at Intronis MSP Solutions by Barracuda has been named vice chair of the executive council for CompTIA’s IT Security Community. 

As the vice chair of the IT Security community, Neal Bradbury is responsible for supporting the chair lead and build consensus within the community to best meet its core objectives. As a CompTIA community, this group of leading IT vendors, distributors and solution providers facilitates networking, learning and industry change within the security segment of the IT industry.  Neal Bradbury is also an active member of the CompTIA Communities Executive Board which is responsible for the oversight and coordination of all member community activities within CompTIA, the world's largest IT trade association. Neal is dedicated to bringing awareness to data protection, threat mitigation, and overall security education to managed service providers as they continue to build and run profitable businesses. In honor of CompTIA's Annual Member Meeting this week, we sat down and talked to Neal about this year’s goals for the IT security community.  

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8 IT conferences MSPs should attend in 2017

Posted by Erin Shaw Crowley on Jan 5, 2017 4:38:21 PM

As I head into my sixth IT channel trade show season, I want to share my insights on which trade shows MSPs will get the most out of attending. I have a feeling it's going to be an exciting year in the IT industry, and being at these events will give you a front row seat to the latest news and developments.

As I start planning our calendar and trying to find new IT conferences for us participate in, I hope the following list will help you find some events that will help you grow your business in 2017. (I put the list in order in chronological order to help you plan your schedule for the year.)

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2016 Year in Review—A look back on the best Intronis blogs

Posted by Lauren Beliveau on Dec 21, 2016 1:27:39 PM

As the New Year approaches, we decided to take a look back at our top 10 most popular posts of 2016 to see what they reveal about MSPs and their top concerns — and it was evident that 2016 was the year of cybercrime.

With a tremendous increase in cyber-attacks, many managed service providers found themselves on the forefront of protecting customers’ data from various threats. Whether it was a new ransomware variant or a sophisticated phishing scheme, hackers found new ways to infiltrate systems—and many MSPs, like you, looked for new ways to help customers avoid data loss.

With that in mind, here are our top 10 posts from the Intronis blog in 2016. We believe they reinforce the importance of security and offer ways to help you build your business in 2017. Which post do you find most useful? Leave a comment below or share it on social media.  

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3 Things you can learn from the MSP Marketing Masters Awards winners

Posted by Lindsay Faria on Nov 28, 2016 1:24:50 PM

After our judges carefully reviewed all the submissions for the MSP Marketing Masters Awards, we’re happy to announce the winners! Congratulations to:

With so many great submissions, it was a tough decision for the judges, so we’d like to give a shout out to Oxen Technology and Techvera who received Honorable Mentions, as well as to all of the other participants. We saw a lot of great entries!

Marketing doesn’t come easy for many MSPs, which is why it was so encouraging and exciting to see our Partners executing strong marketing strategies to help them stand out from their competition and grow their businesses.

The winners of the MSP Marketing Masters Awards have a few things in common; consistency, creativity, and face-to-face meetings were key to their successes. And I think that reveals some important lessons for other MSPs. Here are three things you can learn from the winners of this year’s MSP Marketing Masters:

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Webinar: Get to know the security side of Intronis MSP Solutions

Posted by Adam LaRock on Oct 13, 2016 11:21:00 AM

A recent U.S. government report indicates that, on average, there have been 4,000 daily ransomware attacks since early 2016. That’s a 300-percent increase from the average of 1,000 daily attacks in 2015. This growing epidemic means businesses can no longer consider email security and next-generation firewalls an extra precaution; IT security is now a critical necessity.

Data protection and security go hand-in-hand, and as a part of Barracuda we are committed to helping our MSP partners not only recover data when loss occurs, but to help prevent that loss from happening in the first place. That’s why we’re hosting a webinar on Wednesday, Oct. 19 to introduce you to our growing portfolio of security products. Learn how you can take data protection one step further and offer your SMB customers total protection.Register for the webinar

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How to host your own cyber security lunch and learn

Posted by Katie Sousa on Oct 10, 2016 12:46:41 PM

October has been designated as the month to raise cyber security awareness, helping people avoid potential threats such as phishing scams and malware infections. For MSPs, National Cyber Security Awareness Month is the perfect time to educate your customers about these types of attacks and how they can help keep their business and its data safe.

That’s why we put together a new event-in-a-box to help our MSP partners teach SMBs and their employees about cyber security at a sit-down lunch. Here are some tips on how to plan your own cyber security lunch and learn:

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Ask Intronis: How can my MSP get the most value out of a tradeshow?

Posted by Lauren Beliveau on Sep 26, 2016 7:16:00 AM


Q: My MSP is looking to get our name out there and add new customers to our offering. After being in the break-fix industry for a few years, we know that as an MSP we need to actively look for new clients. We’ve heard that tradeshows might be a good way to get our foot in the door and meet perspective clients. How can my MSP make the most of going to a tradeshow and use it to help my business?

Tradeshow season is upon us, and these types of events are a great way to network with other IT service providers and meet vendors face-to-face. Plus, depending on what type of tradeshow you attend, you can also meet new prospects. Tradeshows hold a lot of value for your MSP business, and they can help develop and sharpen your skillset as well.

To help you get the most out your tradeshow experience, we talked to Erin Shaw Crowley who is the event marketing manager at Intronis MSP Solutions. Erin is a tradeshow pro. After planning and attending more than a hundred conferences and events, Erin has them down to a science, but she still comes away from each one learning something new. Here is Erin’s advice on how to get the most out of a tradeshow as an MSP.

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Ask Intronis: What do I need to do to host a successful webinar?

Posted by Lauren Beliveau on Sep 5, 2016 8:00:00 AM

Q: At my MSP, we’re about to host our first webinar! We have a few people signed up so far, and we’re looking forward to educating our customers on the dangers of phishing and what they should watch out for to avoid becoming a victim. We’ve had a lot of questions about it with all the phishing scams in the news, and unfortunately one of our clients fell for a phishing email last week! While I have plenty of great information compiled for our webinar, I’m concerned on running into errors or something just simply going wrong. Do you have any best practices should follow to help make my first webinar a success?

Congratulations on taking the step to host your first webinar! It’s a great tool to help educate both prospects and customers, so we applaud you for the effort. Planning and hosting your first webinar can be a little daunting, but don’t worry. We’re happy to give you tips that will help you make sure your webinar goes off without a hitch.

To give you best practices to use when planning and hosting your first webinar, we contacted our Senior Manager of Demand Generation, Sarah Duffy. Sarah is our in-house webinar guru, and she’s well-versed in how to make your webinars run smoothly. We sat down with her and asked for her advice on how to make your first webinar a success.

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