Three small business tech topics to chat up before the holidays

Posted by Achmad Chadran on Dec 16, 2014 8:30:00 AM

We’re closing in fast on the new year, and we all know what that brings. For many of us, there’s a bittersweet mix of business imperatives, festive joviality and reflection on The Year That Was. It’s a time for closing out books, cleaning up accounts, and wrapping up business so that you can enjoy a well-deserved respite.

It’s also a great time to check in with your small business clients.

Why? To make sure they’re in good shape before the holidays, of course. They’re counting on you, after all, to keep their IT up and running smoothly. Pay them a social call. And while you’re there, here are three fast-moving technology topics you’d do well to drop into casual conversation.

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Driving the shift to digital business

Posted by Mike Vizard on Nov 19, 2014 8:33:00 AM

Just about every business executive these days is repeating a “digital business” mantra without fully understanding what that all entails.

In fact, a poll conducted by the research firm Saugatuck Technology finds that only a quarter of the enterprise leaders surveyed said their companies were already “Fully Engaged” or “Established” in digital business, with 74 percent having no digital footprint just yet.

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Topics: Growing Your MSP Business

Changing the IT Services Labor Equation

Posted by Mike Vizard on Sep 29, 2014 9:23:09 AM

Just about everybody agrees that there is a significant shortage of skilled IT talent that is limiting the size of the addressable market for IT services providers. What many IT services providers may not appreciate is how much distributors are investing in helping IT services firms close that gap.

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Infographic: 5 Big Tips to Run a More Productive IT Services Business

Posted by Naomi Price on Sep 8, 2014 2:00:00 PM

It’s a target that everyone, especially those in the IT services business, is aiming for: improved productivity. With only so many hours in the day, how can we utilize the time we do have more effectively? 

Productivity can often seem elusive, especially with distractions like Buzzfeed and social networks lurking around every corner. But there are steps that individuals and companies alike can take to cross more items off that daily to-do list. 

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