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Posted by Neal Bradbury on Jun 21, 2016 4:42:18 PM

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1_Protection.jpgAs an MSP, you get it. Bad things happen. Whether it’s a system failure, natural disaster, malware infection, or a good old-fashioned data breach, there are so many ways for businesses to suffer data loss. That’s why you want to offer your customers “Total Data Protection” so you can help them recover their data when one of those bad things happens.

But what about preventing that data loss from happening in the first place? Data protection alone isn’t enough to proactively safeguard your SMB customers from the changing landscape of threats and vulnerabilities targeting businesses of all sizes. Don’t be conned into thinking otherwise.

Total Data Protection

To offer true “Total Data Protection,” you need to securely manage the customer’s IT infrastructure, educate its personnel about cybersecurity best practices and the most recent threats, and have a trusted backup and disaster recovery service in play.

Together with Barracuda, our goal here at Intronis MSP Solutions is to make it easier for MSPs to proactively protect their customers’ business-critical data instead of just reactively recovering their data. Business continuity is important, but a good business continuity plan starts with protecting the business with solid security measures from the start.

By combining managed security services with backup and disaster recovery, you’ll be able to offer your SMB customers complete protection, proactively safeguarding their businesses against security threats and reactively restoring their data if something does go wrong.

E-book: Pricing data protection in a fixed price world

Total Partnership

That’s why Intronis has been expanding our portfolio of MSP solutions to be the IT channel’s single-source provider of data protection and security solutions. We want to make it simple for you to get everything you need to offer total business protection-as-a-service — all in one place.

Plus, our monthly fixed-price plans mean no upfront costs, which makes the sales process more straightforward and easy to understand for your customers and helps you overcome pricing challenges. You can put the focus on the overall value you’re providing to your customers by protecting their business both proactively and reactively instead of competing on price.

Our robust partner enablement services are designed to help you make the most of this opportunity, offering free on-demand training and certification for your team, as well as rebrandable sales and marketing materials you can use to educate customers about both security and business continuity. We want to help you succeed, and to us that means helping you provide true Total Data Protection. 

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