Tech Time Warp: Spam Act was signed

Posted by Lauren Beliveau on Dec 16, 2016 11:51:00 AM

email-1346077_640.pngOpening your inbox every day might feel like a chore as  you sift through the very long list of newsletters and coupons and can’t-miss deals sitting there waiting for you—or it might scare you as you try to dodge the latest cyber threat or phishing attack. With hundreds of emails flooding our inboxes every week, it’s safe to say the situation has gotten out of control.

Whether you can relate to this email nightmare or are delighted to see new emails arrive in your inbox—one thing that we can all be grateful for is the SPAM Act. December 16 marks the 13th anniversary of this act being signed. The law, which was put into effect a few weeks later in January 2004, limited businesses and organizations from sending unsolicited emails to people who have opted out.

Tech regulations for a new era

Regulations have certainly cut down on numerous unwanted emails, allowing us to sift through hundreds of emails instead of the thousands that may have hit our inboxes otherwise. As the SPAM act turns 13, it got us thinking about what other areas might need regulation. One that jumps out is the Internet of Things. With hundreds of thousands of devices already in place, how can you ensure that they are safe from becoming a botnet? More importantly, who would be in charge of regulating these devices?

While there aren’t any regulations in place yet, the government is currently looking into potential ways to monitor this space. Manufacturers in the IoT industry aren’t particularly happy with this, but without regulations the IoT is bound to get more dangerous. In the meantime, manufacturers need to be more conscientious of the products that they’re developing. Is there a way to push security updates to the product? More importantly, is there a way to secure the product from becoming part of a botnet? Email regulations have been in place for more than a decade ago, but it seems like the government might have its work cut out from them on regulating and securing IoT devices.


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