What I learned from Canadian MSPs

Posted by Jake Madson on Feb 26, 2015 9:18:00 AM

IMG_0942Spending the first half of the week at the MicroAge Innovation Conference in Montreal surprised me in two ways. The first surprise was that there was a lot less snow than I thought there’d be, but maybe that’s just a sign that we have way too much of it here in Boston.

Intronis had a booth at the two technology fairs that were held at the conference, one on Sunday night and the other on Monday afternoon. Both events were busy and gave me a chance to talk with a bunch of different people attending the conference. They had some great feedback:    

  • Our Canadian data center is a big plus, and they appreciate that none of their data would be in the United States.
  • People were enthusiastic about imaging backup and bare metal recovery, two offerings that Intronis added in 2014.
  • They liked how simple the Intronis solution is because it means they don’t have to spend much time managing it.
  • They were interested in Intronis University and the training we have available for our partners.

Stuck on per-gig pricing

We also got quite a few questions about pricing, and what surprised me was how many of the providers I talked to are still using per-gig pricing to sell cloud backup. It can be tougher to sell backup this way because the pricing seems more expensive when an SMB compares it per-gig to a consumer-grade solution that’s really just storage and doesn’t offer the same level of service.

On Tuesday afternoon, our CEO Rick Faulk and Jasmine Lombardi, the vice president of Partner Success for Intronis, gave a presentation at the conference, and they touched on this. They walked through some of the different packages Intronis has available for MSPs and the benefits of the fixed pricing model.

Rick Kramer, an account manager from MicroAge Kingston, also got up to speak during the presentation. He explained that he started using Intronis two years ago, he’s seen a 5x increase in revenues from backup.

Overall, it was a fun and informative three days, and I’d like to thank MicroAge and everyone we had a chance to meet while we were there. I’m glad I was able to answer so many questions, and I learned a lot from all of you, too.

Jake Madson is a product owner at Intronis.

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